Gladys Kanini

1926 - 16th May 2000

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Gladys Kanini

A very love grandmother and my mentor

Date of Birth:
Date of Passing:
16th May 2000
Place of Birth:
Kirinyaga, kabare
Place of Burial:
Kirinyaga, Baragwi ward, kiamwathi village

Biography My grandmother Gladys Kanini Mugera you are one of the great woman in my love I want to celebrate you. A mother to my mother, three aunts and three uncles. A grandmother to 31 grandchildren. I always remember you for role you played in molding my personality and my life. I salute you for creating a safe, secure and home where our mothers, fathers and us grew. Your home was abundant in everything; love, spiritual nourishment, security, comfort, company name them. It was during my numerous visit to Kiamwathi that I had opportunity to sample and devour a great many Kikuyu dishes that included kunja gutu, mukimo, ucuru wa gukio, mucuthi, na iriu igagatu. At your home in kiamwathi you provided an opportunity for I to learn life skills such as farming techniques, cow riding, worship and courtship. It was at Kiamwathi that I become a man and mustered courage to look at pretty girl in the eyes. At the time of creating this memorial, it is 17 anniversary since your u left us in on 1th May, 2000. You will always be forever remembered by Munene Njeru.

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Lovingly compiled by:


Ephraim Munene
Relationship to the late:
My Grandmother (cucu)

Gladys Kanini

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