The story behind Forever Remembered is an online memorial website created on the belief that the Internet can provide a unique and meaningful way to celebrate the lives of those we have loved and lost.Foreverremembered allow families and friends to celebrate the life of a lost loved one by writing life biography, sharing stories, assembling photo, audio and video albums in their memory. We also have a section where one can upload the eulogy and another special feature is where the one uploading the profile can add a picture of themselves.
It’s human nature to want to memorialize someone who has recently died. We want people to know who they were by allowing friends and family to come together and provide thoughts, insights and memories of the departed and Forever be Remembered.
If you are dealing with grief, the process of creating an online memorial can be hugely rewarding and often liberating. It will be a journey though one of the most unique and powerful experiences you may engage in. We wish you much comfort on this difficult journey.
Warmest Wishes,
From all of us here at Forever Remembered.